Servicios informáticos Gespoint

Instalación de software ERP

Installation services

Through the installation service, Gespoint technicians are responsible for installing and configuring Gespoint Translator on the server and on all the computers (workstations) that you need. The installation process includes configuration of automated backups, network configuration, permissions, firewalls, etc. and, if necessary, configuration of remote accesses in order to use the program from locations outside your office.



Formación software de gestión

Training services

We provide totally flexible and personalized training courses. We adapt to your schedules and perform the training through videoconference sessions, so you can access it comfortably, directly from your computer. The training allows you and your team to get the maximum benefit from the program and in the shortest time. You will know in depth how to work with Gespoint Translator and, with the help and advice of our trainers, you can guide the product to the specific needs of your company.



Soporte técnico software de gestión ERP

Technical support

Whenever you need it, you can request technical support to our team, trained personnel will help you find a solution to any circumstance that may arise. Our strength is customer service and we do not want to stop providing the best service, Gespoint has a staff that will help you to take the organization of your company with a better quality by means of a careful use of the Management system.



Importación de datos

Data migration

If you need to maintain the historical data of your previous management system (clients, suppliers, rates, accounting, etc.) our technicians will help you to make an import of that information to the Gespoint ERP, ensuring that you can work with the new system with total normality and with all your information from the first moment.



Programación a medida Software ERP

Custom programming

Gespoint Translator is a very complete management system, powerful and, at the same time, easily adaptable. If you need to modify any function of the program, our custom programming department will perform an analysis of your needs and help you adapt the program so that it meets 100% of your requirements and provides your organization with the maximum possible productivity.




Hosting of servers in the cloud

Regardless of selecting the option to purchase or rent the program, the Gespoint software can be installed on a server in the cloud, accessible from any device (computer, tablet, mobile) connected to the Internet. In this mode, it is not necessary to have any infrastructure (computers or servers) to start using the program. Gespoint installs the program, configures everything necessary and provides a user and password with which to access your server in the cloud from any computer (Windows, Android or Mac) with Internet access.

The Gespoint servers are 100% managed by the Gespoint technical staff, freeing your organization from the technical maintenance tasks of the server