Quality translation projects

Deliver projects on time, with guaranteed quality and within budget

Translation project management

Meet deadlines and increase profitability
Create, manage and follow translation projects with advanced control of deadlines, costs and reporting. Create, modify and control budgets to ensure compliance with deadlines, quality and profitability of projects.

Plan with precision
Manage resource levels by planning your own and / or subcontracted capacity. Track billing with respect to planned costs in budgets and projects.

Analyze the performance of projects
Make effective decisions with real-time information on the status of projects, profitability and resource use metrics.

Manage projects with confidence

Translation project planning

Win the customer's trust
Make sure that the deliveries of the projects conform to the terms of the contract, as well as to the work and approved expenses.

Create a path to success
View precisely the detail of the costs of each project, tracking the work planned and performed as well as their deadlines and deviations. Achieve predictable deliveries of your projects using advanced and reliable planning and tracking functionalities.

Manage accurately
Put in the hands of project managers intuitive, flexible and powerful tools so that they can review, supervise and approve all the costs and time that impact on their projects.

Differentiate your company by its quality

Translation project quality

Make your investment for quality visible with a management system that helps you easily obtain certifications such as ISO 17100

Turn quality into a datum by evaluating translators by specialty and language. Work only with the best ones selecting the best valued collaborators for each job.

Transmit to your clients your commitment to safeguard their data by complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


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