Increase your sales

Improve your commercial efficiency

sales work team

Consolidate and improve relationships with your customers and contacts through personalized and relevant interactions based on integrated information that helps sellers to exceed the expectations of modern buyers.

Improve the communications of your salespeople with connected information that allows you to instantly know all the relevant data of contacts and customers, in order to offer greater proactivity and responsiveness in communications. Offer your salespeople the history of interactions with any contact or customer, when they last spoke with your company, what services they have hired, their prices and offers, emails sent, budgets, claims, etc. to be able to offer them what they need at the right time.

The control of sales opportunities allows you to identify and record the opportunities that arise from customers or potential customers, indicating the competitors you have, the economic value of the opportunity, the estimated probability of winning and all the actions (calls , emails, visits, etc.) that each commercial has made or plans to make to try to win that opportunity.

The CRM (Customer Relations Management) utility makes it possible for sales teams to relate more effectively with customers and contacts, easily sharing information in better coordinated work teams.

The Emailings Generator allows you to send mass emails to all your contacts filtering by groups, making personalized campaigns and tracking their responses, identifying who has opened an email, what images or links have clicked, what day and time they saw it , how many times they clicked on each link, etc.

Win sales opportunities more quickly, with a centralized place to store and update all information, record interactions and monitor the progress of opportunities.

Beat the competitors

Clients on your hands

Automatically control due dates of projects and tasks, delivering your projects within time and budget. Exceed the expectations of your clients, delivering all jobs with excellent quality, becoming the trusted advisor of its clients.

Incorporate advanced management functions of translation projects such as automatic notifications to translators, project managers and clients or the assessment of translators in each work delivered to increase the quality of their projects.

Guarantee the quality of the work delivered and the strict compliance with the delivery deadlines to differentiate yourself from your competitors and retain your customers, achieving repetitive sales.

Win more sales opportunities

Earn more sales

Automate repetitive tasks saving time and decreasing errors to improve the operational efficiency of the company.

The efficient management of a translation company becomes a reduction in operating costs, which allows you to work at a lower cost than the competence and win more offers by presenting more competitive and adjusted prices.


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