increase your profits

Reduce costs by increasing efficiency and quality

Reduce costs

Save time
Increase internal productivity by saving time by automating the most repetitive tasks. Reduce errors and repetitive jobs avoiding unnecessary costs.

Provide access to relevant information
Improve collaboration by unifying your systems and providing reliable, instantaneous and unified information to all employees of the company.

Collaborate with customers and suppliers
Give your external collaborators the ability to update their data and their projects directly. Connect your company with external translators and clients through web platforms, simplifying the transmission of files and information and streamlining the management of projects.

Improve control and supervision

Data control

Improve internal efficiency
Impute the internal work, keeping track of the time spent and the productivity of each employee. Control your internal staff costs associated with each project or task. Quickly detect points of improvement in your organization.

Control your data
Unify your data sources in a single system that provides you with reliable, instantaneous and relevant information from projects, financial and commercial. Establish access security systems that guarantee compliance with current regulations (GDPR) and offer quick access to all information, but restricted only to authorized personnel.

Make decisions based on the analysis
Access in an agile and instantaneous way to analysis reports of margins and results by project, client, period, languages, etc. Easily track deviations between budgeted or planned figures and actual revenues and costs.

Integrate all your processes

data integration

Connect your departments
Accelerate the growth of your business by connecting your business, financial and project operations. Increase work capacity without increasing costs. Go beyond the limits of basic accounting or project management software. Use a comprehensive solution that allows you to quickly adapt to the changing demands of the market.

Optimize your operations
Sell more. Decrease in costs. Work with more quality. Optimize the operations of projects, commercial and administrative to deliver projects on time, of higher quality and with lower costs.

Increase your control
Unify all your data in a single system to ensure the confidentiality of information and make intelligent decisions with reliable and relevant information available instantly.


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