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We seek to establish trade relations with companies from outside Europe (United States, Asia, Oceania and Africa) that are related with other translation companies to which they can offer our management solutions.

Solución integrada para empresas de traducción

Our management software for translation companies is by providing a very complete transaction sector-specific functionality (for agencies and translators), customization capabilities and a cheaper policy than the competition. This allows our distributors to offer competitive solutions to a greater number of companies, without impediments due to their size or the special needs of each one of them.

We offer a good commercial margin as distributors and strong commercial and technical support in the first operations (pre-sales support, needs analysis and functional demonstrations to your clients) to facilitate and guarantee the success of your operations from the start.

Our training program for our applications and tools will guarantee your commercial and technical Independence. You will be able to offer support services to your clients and maintain fidelity to your own portfolio, increasing then your recurrent revenues gradually.

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