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Translation project management software for Language Service Providers (LSP)

Gespoint Translator Business is a powerful business management software (ERP) designed specifically for translation companies.

Gespoint Translator Business facilitates the management of each job or project, saves time by automating repetitive tasks and improves communication between agency members.

By providing a centralized flow and instantaneous information, it saves time, avoids errors and the quality of the management is improved..

It has been designed to effectively manage multilingual projects in multiuser environments, from quotation to invoicing, performing automatic tracking of the relationship of all equipment with customers and partners, the evolution of the tasks, managing shared calendars and automating routine tasks accounting, billing, payments...

In addition, Gespoint Translator Business is flexible and adaptable to the specific needs of each agency.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Gestión ERP

Gespoint Translator Business is a powerful ERP system that centralizes all relevant company information in one place.

By centralizing all available information, facilitates collaborative work between agency members and allows better monitoring of each project.

The result is a better level of customer service, greater control and increased quality and profitability of the agency.

Translation Budget Management

Software de presupuestos

Gespoint Translator Business allows creating budgets quickly specifying the language of origin, target , type of work to be done (translation, interpretation, etc. ) and the amount of necessary units (words, hours, documents, etc.). The program will automatically calculate the price to be applied according to the customer and agency fees.

It also duplicates tasks to quickly create budgets mutiple languages ​​of origin and / or destination.

Translating documents can be attached by using the integrated document management. All agency members will automatically have access to shared documents regardless of the physical location of the file.

Integration with any mail program existing in the market (Microsoft Outlook , Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.) sends the budget to the client as a PDF attachment directly from the program.

Automated tracking the budget always allows knowing the status of it, recording every communications with the client during the negotiation.

The integrated CRM module allows you to record and track all tasks performed with a client or budget, optimizing the commercial activities of the agency.

Once a budget is accepted, this becomes a project with a simple mouse click, transferring all the data previously defined...

Translation project management

Gestión de proyectos

The project management is simplified and optimized with the automatic generation of work orders and tasks tracking tools offered by Gespoint Translator Business.

Translator's search for each work is based on a useful assistant that filters all translators available for services offered, languages ​​of origin and target, the native language of the translator, the valuation of the translator according to the work, their specialties (translation medical, legal translation, etc.), the tools in use (Trados, Wordfast, etc.), the city, the rates, etc.

From the same project you can attach files of origin and destination, the analysis of CAT tools and generate and receive work orders for translators. The program automatically creates a folder for each client and project, allowing freely define the folder structure that is automatically created in each project folder (source, destination, memories, glossary, etc.)

Track each work can be done up to four different ways within the program. Through a visual calendar, using a planning or with different lists of tasks and projects.

Delivery and billing of a finished work is done by a simple mouse click which automatically generates the invoice, accounting and collections associated with the project.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Software CRM

The CRM module for managing customer relationships (Customer Relationship Management) helps you identify, attract and retain customers.

The CRM improves customer relations because, at a glance, you can see the history of interactions with any client, when it was last spoken with him, what products purchased, emails sent, budgets, claims, etc. to offer what they need at the right time.

With a good business information you will have more business opportunities and more income.

Controlling Sales Opportunities allows you to identify and record the opportunities that arise from clients or potential clients. You can specify competitors with which it faces, the economic value of the opportunity, the percentage chance of winning esteemed and all actions (calls, emails, visits, etc.) that each vendor has made or plans to make to try to win that opportunity.

The CRM tool also enables sales teams relate more effectively with customers and contacts, sharing information easily in better coordinated work teams.

The Emailing Builder lets you send mass emails to all your contacts and keep track of their responses , identifying who has opened an email, in which images or links are clicked , what day and time they saw it , how many times pricked on each link , etc..

It also closes sales faster, with a centralized store and update all information, record interactions and monitor the progress of the opportunities.

WEB Module (Intranet)

Software Intranet

With the WEB module, customers and suppliers have access to a corporate intranet that will allow them to perform the most common steps in a quick and simple way saving time and sending mails. The ads manager will let you know immediately when the translator has completed the task assigned, or when a client asks for a budget.

Translators can modify and look at their personal data, access to the work that the agency has assigned, download the original documents to translate and upload the files of already translated documents, mark the tasks as completed automatically alerting the project manager, consult the history of their tasks and invoices issued to the agency and see their status (pending or paid).

Customers can check and modify their contact details, request new jobs to the agency attaching files to be translated and observations, view the history of already completed work and invoices and see their status (pending or paid).

Billing and accounting

Software contabilidad

The financial and accounting control of the agency is done automatically while making customer invoices and receiving translators or suppliers bills.

Gespoint's treasury module lets you control receipts and payments, sent and received such as effects, stubs, checks, etc. and the balance and risk of each customer or supplier.

The accounting module allows you to make all legally required accounting books, accounting entries, accounting journals, extracts, balances, official reports, amortization, etc..

The accounting module also allows you to generate all the necessary information for filing your taxes . Automatic generation model 303 VAT withholding listings , invoice register book , file 340, 347, 349, etc.


Key features

The key features of Gespoint Translator Business are

  • Agile and efficient management of translation projects, from quotation to invoicing, accounting and treasury
  • Automated Tracking of all data related to a project and / or a customer (commercial actions (CRM), documents, emails, calls, tasks performed / earrings, invoices, receipts, incidents, etc.)
  • Detailed customer database, translators, suppliers, employees, vendors and potential contacts.
  • All company information is centralized in one system, where it is easy to find and use.
  • Multi-user collaborative environment with networking safely and separate permissions for each user.
  • Rates of translators and customers according to language, units, job type, specialty, etc.
  • Files and documents attached to each project and / or client. Integrated document management.
  • Coordination of vendors and commercial activities (CRM) with both existing customers and potential customers.
  • Agile project billing, automatic posting and tracking of receipts, remittances, checks, etc.
  • Agile billing of the tasks performed by translators, automatic posting and tracking of payments.
  • Automatic generation of Tax models (VAT Model 303, retentions, book invoices, file 340, etc.)
  • Generation of bank remittances for payment or discount on different standards (SEPA CSB19 , CSB58, CSB68 payments, etc.)
  • Accounting module with all functions necessary for the keeping of books. accounting entries , journal, extracts , balances, official forms , amortization, etc.
  • Multicurrency. Possibility of making budgets, projects, orders, invoices, accounting entries, collections and payments in different currencies with automatic posting of exchange differences.
  • Full treasury management, with control checks received and issued.
  • Multitude of reports and lists with analysis by project, client, service type, year, etc.
  • Data export to Excel, PDF, Word, csv, etc. Mail integration with mail programs (Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.).

Gespoint Translator Business allows you to make huge gains in productivity and cost savings by having all centralized and easily accessible information related to a single program..

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