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19/04/2017 - NOTICIAS

A new "INTRA-COMMUNITY VAT Nº" field has been added to the client file (visible only in CEE countries). If it is filled in with the data of the client's intra-Community VAT's number, and the client belogns to a country of the CEE, invoices and installments made to that client will be marked as 'Intra-Community delivery' in VAT movements and they will appear in the 349 model. For model 303 they will be seen in the summary as 'Intra-community Deliveries of Goods and Services".

IMPORTANT: if this field is not filled, it is understood that the client is not registered in the Intra-community Operators Registry and therefore the operation is not clasified as 'Intra-community Delivery' but as a national sale. Invoices or installements issued to that client will NOT appear on the 349 model and on the 303 model will appear in the summary like 'General regime' if they have been made with VAT. 

Tags: VAT, 249, CEE, intra-Community