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We have added to mass shipments by emailing using the CRM campaigns the possibility to track the clicks made by each contact in possibility to track the clicks made by each contact on the links or images contained in the email.




Now we can use a powerful tracking tool for emailing campaigns sent using the CRM module of the program. 
We know that links has clicked each of our contacts, knowing exactly who he is, the times that he has pressed it and the exact moment in that has done it. 

To track, by introducing a link (either text or image) in the body of the emailing that we send, we will mark the box track for that link:

Optionally we can put a name to this follow-up to distinguish it from other links to the same destination on the same message.
If, for example, we put two images linking to a same offer in our email, we have placed an image in the header of the email and another at the foot, we can name one "header offer" and the other one "offer on foot" so we can analyze after which link has attracted more the attention and has been more successful (more clicks) by the contacts. 

Each time a contact who has been sent an email clicks on a link with activated tracking, the program will automatically register which contact has been and which link has clicked. 

In the WEB menu there is a new "Tracking clicks" option that will allow us to see all this information and filter by any of this data:

-contact code and name

-date and time you click the link

-link you clicked

-landing page to which this link led you

-number and name of the emailing  we sent and clicked on