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A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) it is a powerful tool that has a very positive impact in the organizations that have it. It is a computer system to support the management of customer relations, sales and marketing.  Such software can compromise several functionalities to manage sales and company customers: automation and sales promotion.

It has been shown that the advantages are diverse. In this case, you are going to be able to automate and manage the activity of your business, giving you access to information about your customers and potential customers. 


CRM: advantages for increase sales

In many cases, those responsible for the company have difficulty organizing and monitoring the business so that they can control what happens with the customer (or potential customer) from the time is generated until the transaction is closed. For these cases and many more, the CRM is ideal because it allows you in a simply way, having access to the information and in short, having the possibility to increase your sales.


CRM gives you a quick answer to fundamental questions like:

Which commercial opportunities are we generating on a daily basis?

What scheduled commercial callings or business meetings do I have, or my sales people or Project managers have?

What were the results obtained from current or potential customer views?


In addition, our CRM module has additional advantages such as:

Know in detail what happens in each instance of the sales process

Detect real opportunities to close operations

Monitor business activity quickly, transparently and in one place.

Have a history that details the link that each salesperson (or Project Manager) has with their portfolio of clients or potential ones.

Continuously feedback to the salesperson about the decisions that should be made to successfully close more sales in less time.

Generate all sales reports regarding about sales performance

Estimate total and partial incomes for the company, among other benefits


CRM: advantages for marketing and advertising

From CRM module you can generate different campaigns, including e-mail marketing ones totally integrated with your ERP and customers database, potential clients and vendors. Also being able to track your obtained results.



Advantages of implementing a CRM:

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, it is important to detail which are the features and benefits of the Gespoint CRM module.


Fully integrated with your management system

You can send bunk emails to your customers, potential customers and database vendors.

Maximized sales opportunities

Decrease sales cycles

Increase income

Provide constant follow-up to potential customers increasing the probabilities of closing sales

Optimizing resources time and

Ideal for monitoring geographically dispersed sales force

Make better decisions

Know each executive’s performance

Generate accurate sales forecasts

Improve the planning of daily work

Schedule appointments and calls, among others

Unify the different ways to contact with the client

Increase the productivity of all jobs

Improve customer relationships


Advantages of a CRM strategy

Having said that, it is clear that CRM software it is a necessity for any organization. The good news is that it does exist a CRM tool which is fully integrated with your management software and adaptable to your business needs.

If you are analysing what type of CRM tool could implement in your company, remember that it will be a long-term investment, and that the solution you choose should be able to help you increase your sales and to improve customers service, among other areas.