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A new function it has been added in the CRM module: the control of sales opportunities. Now the different sales opportunities that appear related to a contact can be registered, having the chance to improve the follow-up of the sales possibilities of the company.


At each sales opportunity you can indicate relevant data such the economic value of the opportunity, the competitors we struggle to win or the probability of success that we estimate to have to win the transaction.

In addition to this, we can indicate to the vendor responsible for managing the sales opportunity, classifying the opportunities by type, controlling their evolution by varying the status or sales phase in which they are, associate different opportunities to a sales campaign and add notes as well as attachments.

The management for the sales opportunity will be done by creating different CRM tasks associated with the opportunity itself. We can create a CRM task from the same opportunity and every single data necessary for it will be copied automatically, being both tabs linked.

We can check at any moment every task performed with each sales opportunity clicking on the ‘Tasks’ link that will open the list of tasks done with that opportunity, being able to filter in that list by date, state, vendors, etc.